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Small Sandwich Platter


Enjoy a fresh and delicious assortment of our classic tea sandwiches served on a variety of breads for every occasion. Sandwiches are serviced on a Potato, White, Wheat or Rye bread garnished with parsley or strawberries.

Serves 4-6 people (32 finger size pieces). Please select 2 sandwich choices:

Souchong Chicken: Smoked shredded chicken, cranberry and mayonnaise spread

Punjab: Smoked tea marinated eggs, combined with mayonnaise 

Limerick: Thinly sliced English cucumbers, cream cheese, garnished with green onions 

Balzac: Forest Ham, Swiss cheese on buttered bread

Mediterranean: Feta cheese, Spinach and olive basil spread 

Chicken Salad: Smoked Chicken, with mayonnaise, celery and cilantro 

Salmon: Open face with cream cheese, smoked salmon, baby dill and sliced lemon 


Choice of up to 2
Souching Chicken
Chicken Salad
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